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If you have a clogged drain, you should call Plumb Crazy Inc. for drain cleaning services. We not only remove nasty clogs but also install new drains when necessary, as part of the solution to the problem of a clogged drain. With our drain cleaning services, we can prevent problems from recurring in the future.

Clogged drains and sewer lines are an unexpected nuisance. But they can be more than that. Left untreated, it can result in water that backs up in your home and can cause significant damage leaving a messy residue behind. If your pipes have been neglected, they can be lined with years of buildup from hair, rust, grease, and harsh minerals causing hazardous corrosion and damage to your pipes. Plumb Crazy Inc. will get to the bottom of your clogged drain or sewer and get things back to running smoothly in no time.

Not sure if you have a clog? Keep a lookout for the following signs and give our plumbing technicians a call if you notice any of them. Quick action can help to prevent a major clog or a nasty unsanitary backup.

clogged plumbing gunk buildup

hair clogged drain

Signs of a Clogged Drain

  • Drains ‘gurgle’ after running the washing machine or dishwasher.
  • Foul odor comes from the kitchen sink area.
  • Toilet water bubbles when you run the sink.
  • Water begins to back up out of a sink drain.
  • Water begins to pool around shower drains.
  • Water pools on the floor close to the bathtub or sink.
  • Sewage odors emanating from one or more drains are a sign of a clogged sewer drain.

We can unclog your tub, kitchen sink, toilet and main line drains.

We are an insured and licensed plumbing company offering drain services in Leesburg, Loudoun County, and surrounding areas. Call us at (703) 777-2483 or email us for an estimate with prompt service.

Things you should never put down your drain

What Customers Are Saying:

“Plumber was on time, professional, courteous, and fixed the clog quickly. He also explained the problem and ways to prevent it in the future. Highly recommend using them and will refer all my friends and family to Plumb Crazy.”
-- Ashley C.

“I had one heck of a clog in our kitchen sink, the Technician that came out had to snake our drain at least 25' from the sink itself. He was clean, great to talk to and did an amazing job! If there were 6 stars I would give that to them! Thank you!”
-- John S.

Well PumpsPlumbing Camera Inspections & Sewer Camera Services - Loudoun County VA

Efficient Diagnoses with an Effective Solution

We’re dedicated to complete accuracy and efficiency in all of our plumbing services. One way we accomplish this dedication is by utilizing video camera inspections to help diagnose plumbing issues.

CCTV Inspections

Sewer camera inspections are a key tool used by plumbing professionals at Plumb Crazy to identify and address issues with drains and pipes. These cameras enable us to examine the inner workings of your plumbing system. We will be able to see if you have cracks or blockages in your pipes.

Cameras allow for a non-invasive means to inspect every aspect of our customers’ plumbing system in great detail and help us to identify the exact location and cause of the issue at hand. Thereby eliminating any guesswork or any need for digging before delivering a quote. Our licensed, bonded and insured plumbers can have a clear look before undergoing any work, which allows you to make informed decisions based on our accurate, upfront pricing.

sewer inspection camera

checking drain pipe with borescope inspection camera

Benefits of Camera Inspection

  • Eliminating the cost and time of exploratory digging
  • Reducing the labor and time involved in pipe repairs and emergencies
  • Identifying the location, cause, and size of a blockage or break
  • Eliminating future pipe issues before they become problems
  • Preventing further water damage from tree root invasion
  • Preventing waste from seeping or spilling into the ground

Additional Crucial Information

  • Analysis of the utility pipe’s integrity (breaks, fractures, holes and leaks)
  • Video proof of the cause of clogs, stoppages, and backups
  • Identification of potential future problem areas